In search of the new Death Star plans, the rebels secretly planted thousands of cameras within the Empire in hope of finding clues. However, with thousands of videos and facing a deadline, how can the rebels possibly search for information within videos?! Fortunately, in a galaxy not far away...

On a more serious note, AI will transform the way government do things.

VideoSpace Search Engine can be utilized within various types of government agencies which have an immediate need for a media search engine. For example:

  • Intelligence, Public Safety and Monitoring - where massive amounts of videos can be indexed and searched.

  • National Archives and Libraries – where media libraries exist, waiting to be discovered

  • Education – implementation of video learning strategy at the national level

  • Political Arena – Parliamentary and/or Senate sessions where speeches, debates and sessions are recorded. Thus also need to be searched or researched.

  • Training and Learning - provide multi-media and multi-lingual videos for learning or training purposes where users can search thousands of videos.

  • Communications - where a single language video can be automatically subtitled into another language and creating Video SEO in multiple languages.