Enterprises know that AI will play a big role in their digital transformation

Enterprises know the need for digital transformation, they also know that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will play a big role in that transformation. However, many think it is either too costly or have little knowledge about its benefits to them. More importantly, many are unsure of which specific areas AI can be beneficial to their business.

These are some of the areas Videospace AI can help your enterprise achieve competitive advantage.


Video Market Research

Market research are conducted with mobile videos and social media. Videospace extracts and consolidate data in different languages across regions globally.



Videos can be automatically subtitled into another language and enabling discovery in multiple languages (via Translated Search)


e-Learning (Training)

Provide multi-media and multi-lingual videos for learning or training purposes where internal or external users can search thousands of videos.


Media Library

Using AI, Videospace extracts data and knowledge from your current media library to make it discoverable and accessible.


Video Big Data

Extract and analysis of data extracted from multi-media formats (video and audio). Turning unstructured into structured video data. Find out more HERE.


Video SEO

Automatically generate massive amount of SEO from Video. Using AI to generate video SEO data in multiple languages.

All of the above services are unheard of before
Now made possible through VideoSpace AI. 

The video format is the MOST difficult format to extract, index, search and made sense of because of the amount of time-series unstructured data. Videospace’s unique value proposition stems from our Unified Search Engine's ability to extract different data elements inside videos and in huge volumes. Some of things we do are simply unprecedented.

VideoSpace Video Search Engine