Unleashing The Power of VIDEO

All of us understand The Power of Video. In fact, many had explored using video technologies (like live streaming) as part of their strategy. Then why are companies not jumping onto the video bandwagon? The truth is simple, it is costly if we use the current methods.

VideoSpace doesn't use current methods. VideoSpace doesn't need a truckload of equipment to broadcast an event (we start with a backpack!). Most importantly, we cost a fraction of what it would have cost 'traditionally'. Our clients will attest to that!  

If you like to find out how we did it, do not hesitate to contact us!

National Arts Council (Singapore)

The Arts in Eldercare Seminar is one of National Arts Council's annual marquee event in their calendar. The 2016 edition was held at The National Gallery Singapore and is graced by a Senior Minister of State.

VideoSpace broadcast this event 'live' out of the auditorium to large screens in two overflow rooms so that more can participate in this event, and for the first time in the event's history, this event is viewed internationally in more than 5 countries.

Datacenter dynamics, Jakarta (Indonesia)

In the Datacenter space, no one can claim the global media and events portfolio leadership space other than Datacenter Dynamics (DCD). 

DCD understood the need to innovate for their events and identified live streaming as a key component for the future. Being unsure about how to go about doing it, they spoke to various parties and eventually found us. The rest is history

To cut the long story short. Jakarta, 1 Day, 15 speakers, but first time a DCD event is seen in more than 10 countries. That, we believe, is the Power of Video!

University of Manchester Alumni Association of Singapore (UOMAAS)

As part of University of Manchester Alumni's Asia Connect initiative, UOMAAS kick-started "The Manchester Series" by streaming their first event live to the rest of their Alumni network in Asia. 

The event is title "The Secret to Finding Your Roadmap to Authentic Success - How you can Unleash Your Full Human Potential" - by an Amazon Bestseller Author and Entrepreneur, Alex Chan.