The need for our Video Search Engine in Education are two-fold:

1. The need for “Knowledge Discovery” in media

  • Universities and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) have libraries of media containing knowledge, waiting to be discovered.

2. The increasing use of Video as a teaching medium

  • Video Search will allow students to learn more efficiently.

According to an EdTech report, education technology is becoming a global phenomenon, and as distribution and platforms scale internationally, the market is projected to grow to $252bn by 2020.

But yet for years, it has been yearning for a cost-efficient way to index and search across all formats to satisfy the above two needs. We believe VideoSpace will be the ideal search platform for “Knowledge Discovery” and play an important part in Education. 

Videospace Impact on Education


Why Video Learning?

  • Many studies shows that the level of the effectiveness of using video to student’s learning is highly effective. This explains why video learning is used at every level regardless of age, and the rise of video-only and hybrid platforms.

Why Search Videos?

  • Simple. “Video” is the King of Content and “Search” is a basic human need. Searching inside videos is considered the last frontier in search engine technology because video is the most difficult format to search. This ability to search videos will unlock the wealth of knowledge residing inside videos.

Why VideoSpace?

  • VideoSpace uses a combination of advanced technologies such as Cognitive Technologies, Video OCR, Text Analytics, Enterprise and Custom Search to achieve the highest learning goal - “Igniting Curiosity”.

We believe VideoSpace will be the fundamentals of The Next Generation of Video Learning.